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Kirjoitti: Poser Ana - 13 Maaliskuu 2019, 15:16:33
Löytyykö FXDX & FXDX-T Showan säädettäviin tolppiin manuaalia tai linkkiä mistään & keltään ?
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Kirjoitti: the dog - 14 Maaliskuu 2019, 07:46:18
Tarvitko säätö vai purku/kasausohjeet
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Kirjoitti: Poser Ana - 14 Maaliskuu 2019, 14:39:34
Säätö, nää on just kasattu  :)
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Kirjoitti: the dog - 15 Maaliskuu 2019, 13:50:45
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Kirjoitti: Poser Ana - 18 Maaliskuu 2019, 16:07:11
Jep, eiköhän tosta saa suuntaa antavat, kyllähän kaikilla on tietty omat mielipiteet ainakin kun aiheesta jutteli, ja tätä varten manuaali olisi ollut hyvä  :P

Postaan tähän jos joku muu kaivannee nämä suuntaa antavat:

The first thing you need to do I'd adjust the preload on the front suspension. It is adjusted at the top of the tube by undoing the lock nut and tightening or loosening the compression. Note in the manual warns to make them equal, I think by counting threads. Standard is 4 visible
The top screw on the legs are for rebound damping. There are 17 clicks between S and H, factory standard in 2000 was 8 down from max H.
The bottom screw on the back of the leg is for compression damping. 14 click positions, standard is 3 down from H.
Just for completeness, rear preload 3rd cam down from max.
Rear rebound not adjustable.
Rear compression, adjustor (top of the shock towards the front) turns with a small flat blade screwdriver, 10 click stops, factory standard 3 down from H

I do a big adjustment between 1up and 2up. I never pay any attention to the factory settings, I set them and test drive until I get how I want.
When 1up I use 2 different settings- one I think of as Buick - I soften everything but the preload up. It adds some brake dive but soaks road vibes. I use this for interstate cruising at speed limit cruising. The other setting I think of as rally setting (we used to replace the rubber bushings of our Saab Turbos with Bronze when disabled the boost limiter) I harden up damping to just below wheel chatter, this can change with the road surface. I use this for twisties, in traffic and ton-up cruising.
During a long day I will switch between Buick and rally at gas stops, it only takes about 20 seconds. Rally always around/thru cities, rally at speed, Buick on crappy roads, Buick in rain, Buick on thick gravel and dirt, Buick on double track